What is the Swanage 5050 Club?

The 5050 Club is a group of like minded individuals, wanting to see the Swanage Mowlem thrive and support the local community.

What are the aims?

1. To enable the Mowlem to have better equipment in order to host better shows.
2. To enhance the program of shows at the Mowlem.

Unfortunately we have not been able to come to reasonable terms with the Mowlem (but we keep trying) so we tend to just put on dam good shows around the town.


The Concept

50 people donate at least £50 each. This money will be used to attract a big name act to come to Swanage. This will mean that there will be at least 50 people going round the town, promoting the shows. If each 5050 Club member manages to persuade 7 others to buy a ticket for one of our shows, we have a sold out show. Easier said than done, but it’s easier than 1 person trying to sell 380 tickets! 5050 Club members will be entitled to the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance of the tickets going on general sale.

Should people donate more than £50, the group would be happy to accept additional donations but each member of the group carries the same weight.


What happens to the money?

It goes into the pot and you never see it again! Not far from the truth in that the pot is used to pay for act/shows and all profits/losses go into/come out of the pot.

Were not doing to bad at the moment – we have just short of £2500 in the pot.

Obviously if no-one buys tickets we would lose our money. We could lose everything over the course of a few shows. There is no such thing as a certainty in this game and it is important that every potential member is aware of the risk involved.

How Do You Join?

You should now be able to join the Swanage 5050 Club by registering on the website and selecting the membership option.

The system is secure and you can pay by credit card. If you cannot or don’t wish to pay in this way you can send a cheque to the address below made payable to the Swanage 5050 Club.

75 Kings Road West
BH19 1HJ

Tel:  01929 423319

Email: treasurer@swanage5050club.co.uk